How to store your biltong

The best ways to store your biltong and keep it fresh and free of mould.

Biltong is made from beef, salt, vinegar and spices. It is a natural product, and should be stored and cared for accordingly.

Keeping your biltong in a cool dry place and allowing airflow around the biltong will help it last longer.

Please consider than during the colder months your house or apartment is warmer than usual and although it may seem cool in your house, it may be far too warm to store your biltong and this can create conditions for mould to form, if not stored correctly.

Only when your packet is vacuum-sealed should you keep it in the fridge.

You can keep your biltong in a dry brown paper bag, like a bread bag, once you have opened the packaging. Or after you have opened the packet you can also you can keep your biltong in a dry wooden bowl and keep it covered with a cloth or paper towel.

Mould is biltong’s biggest enemy. Mould will form if there is moisture and or no air-circulation around the biltong.  You can mix the biltong around every day or two to disrupt the environment and allow in the fresh air. Mould can occur very quickly so keep a close eye on your biltong.

Allowing airflow around your biltong (sliced, whole pieces or snap sticks) is the best way to extend the shelf life. Biltong can last up to 7 days before mould can start to creep in.

You can keep biltong in the fridge if it is vacuum sealed. Use before the best before date on the packet. If you leave biltong in an open plastic bag it will form mould quicker than if kept in a paper bag.

Whole biltong pieces and snap sticks freeze exceptionally well.

We don’t suggest freezing your sliced biltong as it changes the structure of the meat and is not as enjoyable. If freezing, make sure that the biltong is completely sealed to avoid any freezer burn on the meat. When you defrost the biltong be aware of the moisture that remains. If this is not attended to it will create favorable conditions for mould to develop. 

Our whole biltong pieces are packaged for shipping and are not intended for you to keep the biltong in the packaging for long periods of time. Please pay attention to the care instructions above. We will not replace your biltong if you have not followed the guidance above. Our sliced biltong has a longer shelf life than whole species do. Its best to keep your whole pieces as instructed above or in the freezer and you can take a piece out as you need it.

Remember that biltong is a fresh product, if you do not care for it accordingly it will go bad. The same way as if you leave an apple in the sun or forgotten at the back of the fridge. It will go bad.