What is biltong? Essentially, biltong is a thick beef steak that has been spiced, salted and gently air-dried.
Is biltong the same as Jerky? We're sure glad you asked! Simply put, biltong is salted, spiced and slowly air-dried at a cool temperature which means the meat does not cook, it just loses it's moisture, leaving behind mostly flavour and protein (and a bit of water). 

Jerky is typically salted, sugared, soya'd, flavoured (non-naturally), smoked and cooked and loaded with all kinds of 'stuff'. Some people like still like it. We are not those people. We like biltong. 
Is biltong a good source of protein? Yep, it certainly is. Gram for gram biltong packs a punch and is generally about 50% protein - depending on how wet or dry the biltong is. The drier the biltong the higher the protein. The wetter the biltong the less the protein (gram for gram). During the biltong curing process the salt draws out the moisture (water) from the meat. The protein value does not change much during this process but as the moisture is released the higher the protein value becomes. We don't particularly like biltong that is extremely dry so we aim to keep a good balance of protein and soft meat for pure eating pleasure. 
Is sugar added to Runder Biltong? We do use vinegar in our biltong-making process which contains natural sugars. Do we add sugar into our biltong making process? NOT ONE SINGLE BIT OF SUGAR IS ADDED.